Perchmount Base Stations

Base stations are small metal landing pads so you can Perchmount anywhere on non-metal surfaces. 

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How it Works:

Instructions to use a base station:

(and install Perchmount on your car dashboard)
1. Determine location on dashboard where you would like to mount your phone.
2. Clean the area well, preferably with a cloth and rubbing alcohol (or an alcohol wipe).
3. Remove red backing on bottom of the metallic base.
4. Place base on cleaned surface and apply pressure down for 30 seconds.
5. Every time you get in the car, clip the Perchmount to your phone, and just sit the Perchmount’s magnet atop the metallic base.

You can use additional bases to set up bases stations anywhere you want!

Instructions to remove a base station:

1. The base is removable and meant for 1 time use only.
2. To remove, push a coin between the base and the dashboard.
3. Slowly flip the coin, breaking the temporary adhesive seal.
4. Carefully peel the base from the surface.