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"The best kind of in-car phone mount is one that also works outside the car, from the gym to the garage"

"The Perchmount might not win any huge awards for innovation, but it will make a lot of people happy."

"Whether you are an experienced athlete who wants to make sure you are performing the essential movements properly or a virtual coach who wants to help clients make the most gains; Perchmount is a perfect tool for taking your athletic performance to the next level."

"Going hands-free offers new freedom and flexibility for recording videos."

"Filming made easy ... this handy tool is perfect for capturing your workout, swing, or performance."

"Perchmount easily adapts to any obstacle (literally) in your way."

"Somethings just make our lives easier. Perchmount is one of those things"

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About Perchmount:

Perchmount is a simple phone mount that you can easily move from one spot to another, and securely hold your phone anywhere. It is extremely rugged and securely fits all popular phone sizes including the iPhone 6+. With Perchmount, you can make an instant tripod out of anything to take selfies and record videos "hands free". It's kind of like using your phone as a GoPro. Perchmount is magnetic, so it automatically mounts to anything metal. The idea is that you place small landing pads in areas you find yourself needing your phone hands-free. Each time you come back to that area, you simply set the Perchmount on the landing pad, and you're good to go. Here are some popular uses:

In the gym, Perchmount allows athletes to record videos of their form while they train and keep their phone at an arm's reach while they exercise.

In the car, drivers not only use Perchmount as a dashboard GPS, but under the hood for Do-It-Yourself mantainence.

In the kitchen, Perchmount provides food enthusiasts a way to follow online recipes and keep their phone clean from the mess.

On the golf course, Perchmount helps golfers improve their game by recording their swing.



About the Company:

We started by making phone mounts for crossfit athletes who train with their phones. They couldn't keep their phones safe in the gym while they were training. Athletes would literally tape their phone the wall or just set it on the ground. Too many iPhones died from falling weights and failing tape - so we made a rugged magnetic phone holder to keep their $800 phone safe at the gym. Perchmount was born from athletes moving their phone around the gym, kind of like how a bird perches from branch to branch. And from there, we took the perch idea into the kitchen and into cars. Most dashboard phone mounts are static, Perchmount moves around the car and under the hood with you.