Does the Perchmount work with my smartphone?

  Perchmount  works with most popular smartphones including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Check here for a list of compatible devices  

Does the Perchmount work with my phone case?

Yes. Perchmount works with most phone cases. Feel free to contact us with your specific phone and case if you are worried. As there are thousands of different phone cases, we have not yet tested them all. If you find one that doesn't work, please let us know via our  contact form.

Will the magnet cause any interference or damage?

All smartphones use flash based memory, and are not damaged by the magnet in the Perchmount. The magnet may cause interference with the wireless field created by NFC enabled smartphones, so for best performance, switch NFC off. While the Perchmount also works with iPods, we recommend you do not use it with an iPod Classic, or any other devices that use hard disk drives. (This includes computers).

What is the metal base?

The Perchmount has a magnet that sticks to anything magnetic. If you want to mount the Perchmount on a surface that is not magnetic, you can use a metal base. For example, put a metal base on your car dashboard and you can use the Perchmount in your car. (watch the video in the Car section)

Does Perchmount come with metal bases?

Perchmount ships with 1 metal base. Order the Metal Base 2-Pack if you want additional bases.